Services Offered

  1. Organizing international conferences, training seminars and symposiums in the fields of law -in general- and international and local commercial arbitration and all relative means like conciliation, negociation and alternative disputes resolution “mediation”.

  2. Spreading and upgrading the principles, rules and procedures of Arbitration as a mean of setting disputes that arise among private or public legal entities within international and domestic levels.

  3. Providing legal and technical assistance to Arbitrators working in ad-hoc and institutional Arbitrations.

  4. Publishing quarterly legal publication “Arbitration & Law”, preparing a comprehensive bibioteque and an update data bank in trilingual (Arabic, English & French) for economic legislations in general and, commercial international legislations in particular.

  5. Preparing new generation of International Arbitrators to settle international commercial disputes through training seminars and workshops aiming at promoting their cultural capabilities.

  6. Contacting and coordinating with national and regional arbitration centers in the Mediterranean countries to submit specialized services to litigants from those countries in general and Arab countries in particular.

  7. FolLawing up researches and new trends relating to Arbitration for the Arbitrator to be well prepared and to respect his profession and its ethics as well.

  8. Assist in enforcing the national and international arbitral awards in Egypt.

  9. Preparing domestic and international list of arbitrators from among judges, advocates, law professors and technicians from all specializations.