Dr. A. Kheir Law & Arbitration Center (AKLAC) is an independent non governmental institution.

The decision to establish AKLAC was based on the increasing significance of commercial arbitration within the new Egyptian arbitration Law no.27/1994 and internationally, which seemed to justify the need for forming an independent institute to collate and further pursue knowledge on arbitration as well as to promote arbitration as a training institute for arbitration and an information center on notional, Arab and international arbitration (see other objectives below).

As form Jan 97, AKLAC publishes a quarterly legal publication (ARBITRATION & LAW) in Jan, April, July and October.

AKLAC organized, during the last three years, six significant conferences in Cairo for International Commercial Arbitration in which law professors from Europe, Egypt and Arab countries lectured. The participants, in addition to the Egyptian entities, were from Arab countries such as The EMARATES, the State of Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

AKLAC desires to cooperate with international arbitration associations and centers in the above mentioned activities which represents the common objectives of arbitration worldwide.